you’re absolutely right. you’re a strong girl, go shove that ed in the trash can. <3
i did just that! thanks love. can’t wait to see you saturday :** 
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I’m still 3 hrs behind and it sucks cause I have to wake up early tomorrow 

At least I conquered dinner.. if only my thoughts were more pleasant 

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I hate these thoughts so fucking much. I hate when I go away and come back feeling like I can conquer the world because I did so well then BOOM ed gotta get in my way fuck you go the fuck away seriously

I’m not going to bed til I eat dinner, and I’m not going to let the voice in my head, telling me I’ll get fat, stop me cause it’s bullshit

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I am home, and it’s back to work for me tomorrow.. 

It’s always nice to go away, and it’s nice to come back.. but a day later I am ready to leave again. Maybe it’s just the fact that I have this pile of shit to deal with still… that I am never ready to deal with.. but I’m giving myself no choice but to deal with it anyway… 

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